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5 Reasons Why a Worship Leader Should Hire a Coach

In a previous post, I defined what a coach is, and how one can help guide you through life transitions, career challenges, and goal setting. Today I’m going to go over five reasons why a worship leader should hire a coach.

If you’re a worship leader, you could greatly benefit from hiring a coach. While worship leaders often seek out training opportunities for their praise teams in pursuit of excellence, they rarely seek out a personal coach for their own wellbeing.

It’s no secret that worship leading can be very draining.

As a worship leader, you may find yourself in front of the congregation on Sunday morning with an empty heart, going through the motions, barely aware of your purpose and what’s going on around you.

If you are a volunteer leader, you may have had a trying week at your day job. Perhaps you had an unusually rough rehearsal with the team the week before. Or, maybe you had to fire someone from the praise team and it’s weighing heavily on your heart.

Or, just maybe, you’re knocking on the door of burnout. Read more

Counseling, Coaching, Consulting, Oh My!

Why would anyone need a coach?

You mean like a football coach? No, I mean like a leadership coach or a life coach. Many people use terms like coaching, counseling, consulting, and mentoring interchangeably. They are in fact, very different professions and specialties with very different objectives. In order to get to the heart of why we should have one of these, let’s first look at how the International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines each one and differentiates them from coaching. Read more

How Many Churches Are There?

Unity Clarified

I know I’ve written quite a bit about church unity and its importance to the Kingdom. But I was usually referring to the prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17—still one of my all-time favorite chapters. The more I pay attention to it, the more I understand that this is no small potatoes. Unity really is what God intended, and I’m convinced that the man-made divisions within the church, over relatively insignificant differences, are creating a great deal of harm. Last week as I was reading, another one of those verses jumped out at me. This happens often to me after multiple readings. In this case, it was Acts 9:31.
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What Do I Have to Give Up to Be A Christian?

During a Men’s Group meeting at my church a few weeks ago, our preacher gave us a series of questions to answer at our tables as an ice-breaker. The first question was, “If a friend came to you, thinking about committing his life to Jesus and asked you what he would have to give up in order to become a Christian, what would you tell him?” Or something along those lines. Read more

Another Glorious Church Transformation

Is the use of instruments in worship still even a real argument? You bet it is. If you ever feel the urge to get in the middle of a heated debate about it, almost any church of Christ web site or Facebook Group will get you there, in a heart beat. It may very well be the most spiteful and hate-filled discussion you’ll ever try to navigate. The scriptural misquotes devoid of context come fast and furious. Read more

American Idol or God’s Plan?

I hadn’t watched American Idol for quite awhile, but I didn’t want to miss the final show of their final season last Thursday. Of course the show was packed full of lights and glitz. It was all that a Hollywood spectacle could be. But if there’s one thing American Idol did for us, they brought us the likes of Carrie Underwood, Katherine McPhee, and Kellie Pickler. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I’m sure you’ve had your favorites through the years as well. It was great seeing many of them return for the finale. Read more

6 Foundational Choices

The Choice is Yours!

How many times have we heard that in our lives? If you’re like me, we usually take this with a grain of salt whenever someone is trying to motivate us to do (or not do) something. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that the only choice we don’t get to make, is whether or not to make a choice. It’s always in front of us, no matter what.

Although we are faced with a myriad of choices every single day, here are a few life-changing choices that I think build our very foundation: Read more

The Sacred Harp

The “Sacred Harp,” besides being the name of a famous hymnal, is referring simply to the human voice. The ability of people to sing and make music in perfect harmony is an amazing gift from God. I’m sure there a are scientists that could tell us that our perspective on beauty and the emotional response can be traced to our paradigm or to our environment. Well, I choose to believe that this gift is a matter of the heart. And there is no other genre of singing that proves it more than the community that sings exclusively from The Sacred Harp Hymnal in the 4-note shape-note tradition.
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Finding Church

When I think about people searching for a new church home, I’m usually assuming it’s for one of four reasons:

  1. The unchurched seekers or brand new Christians trying to find a place of fellowship and worship
  2. Those who have been members of a church but left because of politics or the inability to work their ministry with church leaders
  3. Those who have been members of a church but left because they were deeply hurt by church leaders or other members
  4. Geographic relocation

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Prayer For the Rest of Us

I loved the movie “War Room.” The attention given to the power of prayer was amazing. God really does make big changes when everyone comes together in prayer. The whole idea of having a prayer closet is one I’ve heard of many times. But the truth of the matter is, I don’t have a prayer closet. As often as not, my truck is my prayer closet. Prayer is something I think about and try to learn more about constantly. Read more

Building Walls

I just saw a post on Facebook about bullying. Some of the folks I knew in grade school and high school Liked or Commented on it. That made me think of my life as a kid in school back in those days. I was pretty much a loner. I didn’t speak to anyone except maybe some of my friends from the neighborhood that I just happened to go to school with. I know it seems like the quiet ones are the ones that get bullied. I never really experienced that as a kid, well maybe a few times, but not much and I don’t really know why.
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4 Principles of Dream Recovery and Preservation

I believe God planted the seed of a dream in us at birth (or before), then, as children, He began providing us with the gifts to pursue that dream. So why is it so difficult for us to figure out our calling and our passion? I submit to you that we are often trained to put our dreams and gifts aside, by well meaning parents and social influences in general, under the guise of practicality and expectations. Unfortunately, this weaning process is so complete that we actually forget what our God given dreams and gifts are. So how do we rekindle the passion to pursue what God intended?
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The Bigger Task of Worship Leading

I was thinking about the breadth of worship ministry the other day, its changing boundaries, the needs of the community and such. I landed on this whole idea of worship leading being much bigger than we often give it credit for. I started as a simple song leader in a small church almost 18 years ago. Then, when worship teams became all the rage, song leaders became team leaders and worship leading was born. Some congregations were even comfortable calling us Worship Ministers or Worship Arts Ministers because there is indeed a ministry component to the job. Like all the other worship leaders around the country, I was fine with the title–until recently. I’ve known for a long time, from day one really, that worship is much more than just the Sunday morning singing and the music. Worship is hearing the Word, teaching others, serving others, giving, etc. Some even offer their day jobs as an act of worship by doing whatever it is they do with excellence, to glorify God.

Recently I’ve been feeling something in me that wants to do more. Not to slight any of the awesome worship leaders around the world, but I now think
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I Confess – I Hated to Read

Yes, I really did. I did poorly in just about every subject in grade school, primarily because I hated to read. I always assumed I hated to read because I was so painfully slow at it. For some reason, I’ve started thinking a lot about this lately. As much as I love reading and writing as an adult, I’m wondering why I started life off hating it so much? I’m still not a very fast reader, but it doesn’t deter me from digging into any book I choose to pick up.

David Copperfield

As an adult, I’ve been primarily a reader of non-fiction. But because I have this urge in me these days, to write a novel, I thought it might be a good idea to start reading some fiction. (Ya think?) I’ve always known I should be familiar with the classics and recently, I started thinking about David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. I don’t know, it really came out of the blue. It got me thinking about my junior high school days when I was actually supposed to read it. I say, “supposed to,” because I never actually read anything I was supposed to in grade school. Did I mention I hated to read? And because I was always faking the required reading by studying back covers, I quickly grew to hate standing in front of the class giving book reports. I’ve always known I was never fooling the teacher, or anyone else for that matter, but it had to be done. One disaster led to another and I was quite the loner and all around failure in grade school. Read more