I Would Love to Work With You

I’m on a mission to help people find their joy made full in my Joy Seekers Project, which includes writing, coaching, speaking, and his music. I would love to help you find your joy through coaching.

You have goals and dreams to pursue. I would love to help you to get focused and to build a specific plan to get them done.

Here are the gaps that I like to coach around:
  • Personal Growth – Clarify your identity, your purpose, and your direction.
  • Writing and Publishing – Share the ideas you have hidden inside.
  • Art and Creativity – Discover and hone your gifts.
  • Life Transitions – Garner the support you need for your new stage.
  • Leadership – Take your leadership skills up a notch.
  • Finances – Control your finances and make a difference.

Contact me to find out more about coaching and what it can do for you.