I’m Terry Stafford
My goal here is to serve those who are searching for better ways to engage life and find their joy through success.

Have you ever said:
– I don’t know what my dream is because I don’t know who I am.
– I have a dream that I would love to follow but I can’t afford it.
– I’ve been hurt or disappointed and I’m not sure where to go from here.
– I lost my job but I don’t want to go back. I want to do work I love for a change.
– I’m not sure I have the leadership skills I need to accomplish this task I’m facing.
– I have a work of art in me and I’m not sure how to get it out.

If you have ever had these thoughts, you are in the right place!

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Here’s how Terry Stafford can help you be a true joy seeker.

I’m here to help you simplify your life and gain clarity.

Sometimes we want to follow a dream but just aren’t quite sure what it is. Oftentimes, it’s because we aren’t completely sure who we are.

God planted the seed of a dream in you before you were even born. He entrusted you with the gifts you need to pursue that dream. More often than not, we knew what that dream was as a child, but we lost track of it when we were led to “more practical” things.

As adults, we surround ourselves with clutter, both physical and emotional clutter. We are distracted from the gifts and the calling God meant for us.

I’m here to help you get rid of debt so you can live your dream.

Debt can be the culprit when it comes to placing our dreams on the back burner. If you’re up to your ears in debt, it’s almost impossible to pivot in life to do the work you love.

The stress caused by being a slave to debt can be overwhelming. Finding joy means getting rid of unhealthy stress, and that means finding a methodical approach to debt elimination.

I’m here to help you fine tune your leadership skills and make a difference.

Being a leader takes focus and determination to envision the end. Whether you are leading a large project of many stakeholders and participants at work or facing a small project or ministry in your personal life, leadership skills are essential.

Gaining clarity in order to be a great leader often needs outside help by someone who can help you see risks and opportunities you may otherwise miss.

I’m here to help you succeed through life transitions

Most of us experience many major transitions throughout our lives. Divorce, the death of a loved, a planned or unplanned career move. Once the pain and shock is dealt with, you have to get a clear plan together to move forward. Determining the beginning with the end in mind is everything.

Anytime new plans or goals are needed, we can use the help of a coach to find the target, aim for it, and pull the trigger successfully. Your music is still in you. Let’s get you up on your stage.

About Me

I am an author, blogger, musician, and success coach. I have spent most of my adult life leading teams in the military and with DoD and NASA contractors as a certified senior project manager. I love serving people and helping them grow into the best version of themselves.

My primary blog is at TerryStafford.com

I am also active in my local church and have been a worship leader for over 15 years, involved in many aspects of the music ministry. I now reside in California’s Central Valley playing bluegrass, gospel, and contemporary Christian music with my wife.

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Fun facts:

  • Author of two books: Strings of Faith and Freedom to Worship: One Church On a Journey
  • Worship Minister for over 15 years
  • Certified Project Management Professional with a Masters degree in Operations Management
  • Taught Business and Project Management at ERAU
  • Life and Leadership Coach and FPU Coordinator trained by Dave Ramsey’s team